I’m Kimberly Smith, the CEO of 

Amidst the pandemic, Copia turned a new leaf, generating a refresh on our offerings and the way we service our donors. Yes, this is another “the pandemic completely flipped our business upside down” situation. With these changes, something new and groundbreaking was born.

We set out to build a surplus redistribution tool that could service any business or organization that is:

Easy to use
One of a kind!

And we did just that! We are proud that the Copia App can be your one-stop-shop for donations; from a single donation of five pizzas to a nation-wide enterprise program with hundreds of locations – Copia has you covered.

Copia is a resource for sharing – connecting surplus to those who need it most. There is too much food to be wasted. With 13% of Americans struggling with food insecurity, and nearly 149 billion meals worth of food headed to the landfill each year, YOU can be the force for change. Hunger isn’t a scarcity problem as much as it’s a process problem, and Copia is the solution.

We’d love to connect with you! Reach out to us here.




Copia is proud to be supported by some of the leading investors in hospitality and sustainability, and we thank them for their continuous supply of wisdom and support.

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Copia is the leading technology-enabled surplus recovery service, empowering businesses to easily distribute their surplus. National brands across the US work with Copia to reduce food insecurity in the communities where they operate, help reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, and boost their profitability.

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