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From one location to thousands, from produce to pizza to paper towels, we are the Donation Engine for your business.

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Copia helps businesses redistribute high-quality surplus to people in need. Help neighbors, improve profitability, show compliance, and reduce emissions all with one simple app.

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How We Help

Throwing stuff into landfills is expensive and wasteful. We’ve got a solution to help you stop.

Consistently donating your surplus means less methane from landfills, more meals for the 13% of Americans who are food insecure, and tax benefits that matter to your bottom line. But doing it yourself is time-consuming, tricky to scale, and nearly impossible to track.

That’s where Copia comes in. With a 99% match rate, our software will locate a good nonprofit home for your surplus. Copia’s live support team will ensure everything goes off without a hitch, and you’ll be able to track your impact, tax savings, and compliance records from your own analytics dashboards.

Finally, donating your surplus is simple, scalable, measurable, and profitable. Now that’s something worth celebrating!

Why use


We make it easy

We’ve taken the headaches out of the donation process. Your team will be set up and donating in no time.

It’s all in the Copia App

Select your donation items and schedule delivery in just a few minutes each day. Need a driver? The Copia App will dispatch one, and we’ll track the chain of custody to the recipient.

Scale from one location to thousands

Whether your business is small or large or whether you’re donating tomatoes or tacos, Copia’s vast network of nonprofit partners and 99% match rate means we’ll take the hassle out of finding a good home for your surplus.

Dashboards help you track, measure, and celebrate

Track your tax deductions, monitor your waste reduction goals, verify legal compliance, and gather the data to celebrate your impact all at the click of a button.

From Caterers to CFO’s, Copia has Fans


Nick Sterling

Associate Director of Sustainability, The Cheesecake Factory

It’s always been important for our organization to redirect surplus food to protect the planet and aid those in need in our local communities. Copia has not only enabled us to achieve this seamlessly at scale, but our collective work has helped build a foundation to improve the sustainability of other businesses nationally. With Copia, we’ve found a solution that aligns with our business needs, provides legislative compliance, and supports our standard for sustainable practices.

Scott Schaefer

Market Director of Meetings and Special Events, The Ritz-Carlton

I fully support the use of Copia! It was so refreshing to find a company offering a very easy solution to reducing our Carbon Footprint in our Banquet Operation and overall hotel. The process of preparing and making the donations was extremely easy, and the daily reporting of the good we were doing made all of us proud of our efforts. The pricing is also very reasonable–keep doing good!

Jack Breezee

Valley Area Regional Director Food and Nutrition Services, Sutter Health

Copia has helped us develop a process that is doable, manageable and most importantly replicable day after day. Copia has helped us make a positive impact on many fronts; food waste reduction, donating food to our communities, as well as the positive environmental impact of reducing greenhouse gases and water conservation.

Catherine Onate

Learning and Development Manager, 1 Hotels

Partnering with Copia has been incredible for our organization. Not only has our team been able to expand its reach and support within the community, but we have also been able to analyze, quantify, and better understand our impact. As we continue to learn and grow, we look forward to working with incredible people and an organization that aligns with our mission and values! Thank you Copia team!

Lauren Trahan

North Texas Franchise

Rudy's North Texas partners with Copia to donate our surplus food to neighbors in need across North Texas. On average, Rudy's shares 662 pounds of food, providing over 550 meals per week to our local communities! Copia enables our team make a strong financial case for doing the right thing. The Copia tax portal makes it as easy as possible for Rudy's to project and claim our Enhanced Tax Deduction, proving that it helps our bottom line to do good.

Casey Stock

Director of Global ESG & Sustainability, Natera

At Natera, we have been able to partner with Copia to redirect our excess catered food directly to organizations who could benefit from it. In 2021, we struggled to understand how much extra food we were over-ordering and did not know what to do with the extra food in a sustainable and impactful way. Our partnership with Copia has enabled us to donate our edible food to organizations in the Austin and San Carlos communities, while reducing our Scope 3 emissions and further informing our team how to order less food overall. In 2022, our partnership expanded to donate extra food from our larger national events. We are grateful to have Copia as a partner to help us maximize the impact in our communities while reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.

Jessica Coons

Senior Conference Coordinator, GreenBiz

​​As a leader in sustainability conferences, GreenBiz recognizes the importance of prioritizing sustainability within our event operations. Copia has helped us achieve this with a repeatable process that gives us the opportunity to divert our food waste from landfills while providing food to those who need it within the communities where we operate. Having access to our donation metrics via the Copia Portal allows us to celebrate these ESG wins with our staff, attendees, sponsors and the broader sustainability community

Melanie Murry

Senior Event Producer, Foxtail Catering & Events

When servicing large scale events, having leftovers is inevitable. That's why we're so grateful we found Copia. Foxtail catering builds in a 10% overage in production, but Copia makes sure all of our surplus is diverted to local nonprofits in need. Copia's easy-to-use technology makes it possible for us to switch locations and know that our expected leftovers end up in the hands of local neighbors in need.

The Copia App is a great place to get started!

Automated nonprofit matching

Tax and finance dashboards

Food and non-food donation options

Multi-unit program management

Flexible delivery choices

Waste tracking

Audit-proof receipts

Surplus forecasting

Copia portal access

Priority customer support

ESG dashboards

Station tracking

Legislative compliance records

Ongoing data access


Want to stop sending surplus to landfills?

Boost your bottom line, feed your neighbors, stay in compliance, and help the planet.

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Ready to receive donations?

Not a food bank or food pantry? Not a problem! We believe that working with all kinds of nonprofits is the best way to address food equity in our communities. If your organization is a 501(c)(3) and can use surplus food or non-food donations, we are happy to work with you. Rest assured that no matter your organization, we ensure that donations are delivered with dignity.

Copia is the leading technology-enabled surplus recovery service, empowering businesses to easily distribute their surplus. National brands across the US work with Copia to reduce food insecurity in the communities where they operate, help reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, and boost their profitability.

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