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General FAQ

What is Copia?

Copia™ is a tech-enabled food recovery company. We are on a mission to end hunger by instantly matching businesses and events with surplus food to those in need. Through our web and mobile platform, customers can request pickups of your excess food. Our Food Heroes (drivers) pickup and deliver the food to local shelters, after school programs, and other nonprofits.

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Where does Copia™ operate?

Copia™ is Headquartered in San Francisco, California and is operational in all 50 U.S. States and Vancouver, British Columbia.

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Businesses FAQ

What kind of food do you accept?

We accept all edible food. Our technology tracks the types of food donated, ensuring your surplus is dispatched to the best-matched non-profit in Copia’s network.

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Does Copia™ charge for its services?

Copia™ is a for-profit subscription service. We charge monthly fees for access to our waste tracking software, tax deductions, marketing and recovery services. We also believe solving food waste and hunger at scale requires a for-profit, sustainable solution. Please contact us for more information on Copia™ pricing.

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What benefits do I get as a customer?

  • Minimize waste and maximize savings with Copia's intuitive reporting dashboard.
  • Maximize tax deductions without the operational burden.
  • Support your community and protect the environment.
  • Receive comprehensive reports on your social and environmental impact that you can share with your employees and customers.
  • Enjoy a professional, efficient and reliable food recovery service.
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Is it safe to share my excess food?

Federal and State laws, along with Copia’s industry leading practices, protect customers from civil and criminal liability when sharing excess food:

  • Customers are protected by Federal and State laws from any liability provided the food is given in good faith.
  • Drivers undergo background screenings and professional food safety training
  • All nonprofit recipients sign a Hold Harmless Indemnity Agreement upon sign-up, shielding customers from all liability.
  • Copia™ carries a $5MM Insurance Policy that directly protects customers and the food in transit.

A sharing economy is only as strong as the infrastructure which holds it together, which is why Copia™ is so committed to security. Your financial information is managed securely on our behalf by Braintree, a globally trusted payments company that has been certified a PCI Service Provider Level 1 by Visa. We serve our website over HTTPS, enabling your browser to communicate with our server over a secure channel.

Recipients FAQ

Who is eligible to receive surplus food?

You must be a verified 501(c)3 nonprofit organization to receive surplus food through Copia™.

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